Command on a foreign language

Command on a foreign language

There could be the several reasons behind learning a language by individuals and they are motivated by self or there are the several others extrinsic factors that motivate them to get command on the English, and they visit our institute for English Language Training in Bur Dubai.

To get the command on any language it is not to be learnt but acquired, the best example of acquisition is a life span of an infant because whatever the language of the mother of a child is, the same language is going to become the mother tongue of a child. The child acquires the language through listening and feeling the language. Get the better PTE Academic Review and good IELTS Training in Dubai with the help of Easy Learn UAE.

The another example of language acquisition are the adults who go to the foreign lands in order to earn the sustenance there, while working they interact with the locals there and for many times when the locals and the migrated labour continuously interact with each other to serve the common goals, and this process continues for long time then the migrated labour turns proficient in the language spoken by the locals. So their listening and speaking skills develop but reading and writing skills remains the same. Acquire English through the English language training and then go for IELTS and OET Training in Bur Dubai.

Is traditional teaching method going to work?

The traditional method of teaching is not going to work because it has lots of drawbacks, and when it comes to acquisition the teacher should have sound skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. A teacher should be interactive and has an ability to run the student centric sessions. Get the best OET Training in Dubai!

As per the experts the language is an abstract topic and it is complex in nature when it comes to teach it with the traditional method. A good teacher during the session of the English language training in Bur Dubai speaks 80 percent and throw the questions that can be answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and the question that can be answered with the help of small phrases.

What is input?

The most of the time teacher asking the questions again and again comes into the strategy of the maximum input and minimum output. In this strategy the students spend their most of the time in listening rather than speaking, and listening is the input process and students have to speak less is an output process. Easy Learn scales up PTE Academic Review and conducts OET Training in Dubai.

This strategy is adopted by the teachers especially for the level one trainee. Enhance your PTE Academic Review with the help of best English language training in Bur Dubai.