Communication is an art

Communication is an art

When we fathom the etymology of the word communication we find that the word ‘communication’ has come from a word ‘commune’, which is from the French origin that means to share. We all know that the communication skills are divided in four categories listening, speaking, reading and writing, in short it is known as LSRW. It is wise to go for English Language Training in Bur Dubai before moving onto OET and IELTS training in Dubai, our facility also helps in PTE Academic Review

Listening is above all the skills as without it no other skills can develop, and this is the only reason it is considered the as the prerequisite of all the skills.  

The art of listening

This is important to understand that how listening has been considered an art, if you pay attention to the spelling of ‘LISTEN’ and if you rearrange it in a proper order you will discover an important spelling like ‘SILENT’, may this is just a coincident but it is needed to pay attention here that there is the chemical covalent bond between listening and silence.

The listening skill cannot exist without silence, because to pay heed to someone you have to keep your mouth shut. Listening is the receptive skill and it is a cognitive process to input the information shared.

Being a good listener is an art, but there is a question that what is an art of listening? The answer is simple that the art of listening is ‘Active Listening’. When someone speaks before you and you want to understand to what the person is saying, then you need to keep quite while the person keeps speaking, and this is called an active listening, learn this art with IELTS Training in Dubai.


Active Listening

Then it can be said that active silence that leads to active listening means to give prompts with the help of paraphrases to the speaker, this way a good listener is active with the speaker.  The bottom line is that an active listening comes from an honest communication process, because the communication cycle is said to be completed when the speaker speaks and the listeners listens it and understand the idea shared by the speakers. Explore more with us while you are on OET Training in Dubai!


Active Silence, Learning and Earning

The silence depends upon the attitude, if a person is obsessed with the self centred attitude or goal of life is only to generate income out of every action, then while listening he perceives the things with the context of profit and loss, so the things in which this person feels to earn he pays heed to it and the speech that give them feeling of no physical benefits is quashed or ignored by them.  

The another attitude is that if somebody wants to understand the speaker regardless to the physical benefits, is the only person that can practice the active silence which needs to endure the ability of cognitive process load called listening.   Discover more with English Language Training in Bur Dubaiat our facility and prepare yourself for the PTE Academic Review