How to create an impressive Job description

How to create an impressive Job description

Job description mainly a series of sentences dealing with defining the candidate role within the organization. An effective join description brings in talented individuals as well as serves as an advertisement for your company working environment. Job description can have many form, but generally they comprise of these five functions;

Role title, location classification status

About us/Company overview

Core job functions


Core job requirements

Legal terms and conditions

Job title helps you search the tasks associated with position opening. A simple job identifier, for example, can be the year followed by series of numbers such as 2141-3256.Make sure you have an identifiable job title so that candidates can easily locate the job while tracking on the web. Do not post unrealistic titles fabulous engineer, instead be specific and concise such as Sr.level Engineer.

 Unless your company is Apple or Amazon, there is possibility that the candidate doesn’t know the type of business your company is doing. Always include brief history of the company stating the nature of business and why your company is the right place for the candidates for employment.

While stating the core job responsibilities avoid ambiguity use precise and specific vocabulary to describe the tasks. Do not over burden the candidates since this practice might not intrigue the candidate. If you want add some responsibilities other than the core duties, you should add separate bullet points indicating what additional task to be assigned if needed.  This create flexibility to include or exclude function during the tenure of job.

List your top requirements for the role such as “must have or required”. This set of skill is non-negotiable such as four years graduation, citizenship, 4 years of practical experience.

Once you have listed the core job functions and desirables, let the candidates know what benefits they would receive if they had these set of skills. Witting preferred but not required will make the candidates think what they are going to be learning if they are offered this role. Although it would be appealing, avoid using acronyms and jargons since these terms may not be decipherable by the candidates.

Finally, add all the legitimate terms. Following is a sample legal terms .Prime Easy Learn Training Institute  is an EEO and Affirmative Action Employer of Females /Minorities/veterans/individuals with disabilities. All decisions are made without any discrimination in cast color creed, origin, sex, disability status, sexual orienntaion, gender identity ,marital status or any other basis.