Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9

Introduction to Computerized Accounting

Computerized Accounting vs. Manual Accounting, Merits of Computerized Accounting, Tally 9, Features of Tally, Screen Components, Creation of Company, Selecting a Company, Altering/Modifying Company, Creation Details, Deleting a Company, F11 Features, F12 Configuration.

Accounts and Vouchers

Account Groups, Pre-Defined Groups, Creating Single and Multiple Groups, Creation of Primary Account Groups, Creating Ledger Accounts in Single and Multiple, Displaying, Altering and Deleting Account Groups and Ledgers, Accounting Vouchers, Track Additional of Purchases, Entering Transaction in Accounting Vouchers, Interest Calculation Bill Wise Details, Altering and Deleting a Voucher Entry, Creating New Voucher Types, Modifying an Existing Voucher, Duplicating a Voucher, Optional Vouchers, Post-Dated Vouchers, Reverse Journal, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Creating Budget Generating Reports, Configuring Reports, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Account, Trial Balance, Day Books, Account Books, Statement of Accounts, Ration Analysis, Cash Flow Fund Flow, List of Accounts, Exception Reports

Accounts with Inventory

Enabling F11 and F12, Stock Category, Stock Group: Single/Multiple Creation of Stock Category and Stock Group, Creation of Units of Measurement, Creating Single/Multiple Stock Items, Creating God owns : Displaying, Altering and Deleting Stock Groups , ,Units, Items and Godowns , Cost Categories ,Cost Centers , Creating Cost Categories and Cost Centers, Purchase /Sales order Inventory Vouchers , Using Inventory Vouchers, Using Accounting Vouchers with Inventory Details (Invoice Mode ), Multi –Currency, Cheque Printing , Allow Zero Value Entries Costing Job,

Discount-Cash and Trade Discount (separate Discount Column on Invoice) Tally Security, Tally Vault, Tally Audit, Advanced Security Control, back –Up and restore, Inventory reports, Stock Summary, Inventory Books, Statement of Inventory.

accounting with Tax

F11 and F12 Settings for Taxation, TDS, Ledgers Related to TDS, Creating TDS Voucher Types, TDS Reports, TCS, Service Tax, VAT: VAT Terminologies, Computing VAT Ledgers and Vouchers Pertaining to VAT, VAT Reports, VAT Forms Interstate Trade and CST


Enabling Payroll, Creating Pay Heads, Single/Multiple Creation of Employee Groups, Single/Multiple Creation of Employee Head, Salary Details, Configuration of Salary Details, Creating Units of Work, Managing and Creating Attendance/Production Types, F12 Payroll Configuration, Payroll Vouchers, Creating Payroll Voucher: Types Displaying, Altering and Deleting Payroll Documents, Payroll Reports