Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training

Course Duration:
  • 2 days
Course Overview:

Participants will master the skills that will make them a better speaker and presenter.

Course Objective:
  • Gain rapport with your audience
  • Reduce nervousness and fear
  • Recognize how visual aids can create impact and attention
  • Create a professional presence
  • Prepare and organize information in different ways
  • How it All Works
  • This section gives an in-depth understanding of the arenas in which presenting takes place
  • the physical space
  • body language
  • audience interaction
  • fundamentals of presenting

"The use of the Individual's best skills to convey a clear Message, well Prepared, with good Audience interaction, presented with Conviction and supported by the right Technical backup"

First Presentation
  • What's my Unique Presentation Style?
  • This takes the form of a short unprepared presentation to camera.
  • There is then a discussion about the experience of presenting, what actually happens to you physically, mentally and emotionally.
How You Are Seen
  • Your presentation will then be played back followed by feedback from the trainers and your colleagues.
  • Here we'll concentrate on your strengths and unique style.
  • Any real difficulties in style may be noted here by the trainers to be dealt with later on.
  • We record much of the rest of the day's work; however, this is the only time during the day that we will review the recording.
Basic Principals
  • We'll reinforce some of the principals of an effective presentation.
  • Making a presentation in under 30 seconds
  • Putting across a clear message
  • Using passion to present
  • Structuring your presentation support material
Prepared Presentations
  • This is not intended to rehearse the presentations.
  • Rather the material is used to stretch you and to incorporate the principles worked on earlier in the day.
  • The emphasis is on preparing you to develop over the next few months as you make further presentations.
  • The session is modified according to the level of the attendees.
  • If you are a new or less experienced presenter, we work to stretch your capacity and to demonstrate the active working of a presenting dynamic.
  • You'll be introduced to easy skills and techniques to help raise your confidence and ease the anxiety associated with presenting.
  • With established presenters, we work more to reinforce some basic principles and introduce more advanced skills as appropriate.
  • Care is taken to acknowledge your skills and style.
  • Then we move on to specific areas of difficulty where you get wrong-footed or don't do so well.
Issues Covered
  • Raising confidence
  • Clear delivery
  • Ability to go "off script"
  • How to make non-linear presentations
  • How to prompt or plant questions
  • How to talk to differing levels of understanding or experience
  • Communicating concepts quickly
  • Using analogies and drawing on memorable images
  • Structuring your presentation entrance and beginning
  • Dealing with difficult or tricky questions
  • Working presentations around a table
  • The relationship between presenter, material and audience
  • Difficult presentation issues and people
  • Working on your presentation style
  • Developing as a communicator rather than a presenter
  • Creating an interactive, question-friendly atmosphere