Python Coding

Python Coding

PyQt and Qt Designer

• Getting started with Python

• The fundamentals of Python programming

• Python operators and built-in types

• Variables

• Operator basics

• Python statement

• Loop in python

• Play with numbers ,strings, lists, comparators, tupple, dictionary

• Functions

• Python Module

• Exception Handling

• File Operation

• Oops concepts

• Working with Database

• Data Visualization with Python

o Course Introduction

o Different types of basic Matplotlib charts

o Basic customization options

o Advance customization option

o Geographical Plotting with Base map

o 3D graphing

PyQt and Qt Designer

• Simple user interface design

• How to convert Qt5 .UI file to .PY file

• Using Radio Buttons widgets

• Using Checkbox widget

• Event handling in Qt5

o Event handling- Signal and Slots

o Event handling – Slot Editor

o The Slot Widget- Basics

o The Combo Box widget

o The progress bar widget

• Working with Qt5 Dialogs

• Mastering the Qt5 Layouts

• Handling date and time in Qt5

• Qt Designer styling your APP

• PyQt code structure

• PyQt Widgets

• PyQt Dialogs

• PyQt layouts

• PyQt signals and slots

• PyQt menus and toolbars

• PyQt Tabs

• From Designer to Python code

• PyQt text editor

• Converting to .exe & Distributing our codes