Robotics for Kids

Robotics for Kids

Robotics Training programs are designed and mapped with the school academic curriculum to give the supreme learning edge to students.

Students innovation and creativity is given the utmost importance while teaching them Robotics Robotics knowledge enhances the Engineering abilities of the child in Electronics, Mechanical, IT Programing and Electrical as well

Benefits of Learning Robotics with Prime Easy Learn Technical Center

• Understanding of Simple machines

• Basic Engineering Understanding

• Develops interest in technology related areas

• Start of Logic Building

• Analytical Approach

• Understanding basics of manufacturing and technology

• Thinking Skills

• Motoring Skills

Excellent Personality Development

• Creative thinking

• Innovative Thinking

• Learns Problem Solving Approach

• Self Confidence Building

• Will Power Building

• Helps to become a Universal Thinker

• Self-Discipline

• Discriminative thinking

• International Prospective

• Industrial and Commercial Sense

Outcomes Of Robotics

• Knowledge imparted at the level of Engineering Students

• Learns all engineering technologies which converge in Robotics

• Stimulates maturity thinking due to complex task performance